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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up and Login
What are requirements for sign up?

You just need to fill up company name, contact details, your industry of work and you are ready to search for Business.

I have lost my password?

Please click on forgot password link on the login page and a system generated new password will be mailed to you.

Can I login via any other method than sign up?

Yes, you can also login from Google or Facebook account.

Profile and settings
What can I do on the dashboard?

On the dashboard you have two main sections. “Get Business” and “Give Business”.
In Get Business you add a Business list of Businesses from where you can get Business.
In Give Business you add a list of Businesses which you can give Business to.
For e.g.: if you are a catering company you can GET business from a event organizing company and you can GIVE business to a tent Dairy Product supplier or Crockery supplier.

How do I change my business name?

After login, please click on the left menu in the app click on your ‘my profile’. On the next screen you can edit your desired details by clicked on the pencil icon in the app.

How do I change my verticals?

Same after login, you can edit your industry via ‘my profile' button.

I did not receive a verification mail. How do I verify my account?

In case you haven’t received a verification mail, please raise a support ticket and we shall verify it.

Privacy and Safety
Is my profile visible to everyone who downloads the app?

No one can see your profile till you approve the contact.

Can someone see my Business details before connecting with me?

No, only connections you approve will be able to see your details.

My Business Vertical is not listed or can’t find my own business vertical?

If your Business Vertical isn’t listed please feel free to mail us and we will be glad to help. Else you my try to look your Business at a macro level. For e.g. if you make websites you need to choose IT as your area of Business.

I am not getting any request

Please check if your profile details and verticals are filled and selected correctly.

What’s in the opportunities tab ?

Opportunities are depicting the contact messages from prospective Businesses which are trying to connect with your Business.

Why am I not getting any connects for business ?

Please check your profile and verticals. Maybe they aren’t many matching with your vertical.

How do I un-friend or connect with my matches ?

Swipe right on the connect message to accept a connect and swipe left to reject a connection request.

Can anyone see my personal or contact details ?

Your details are hidden till the time you connect with a Business. Only approved Businesses can see your details.

Do you share anything of Facebook if I login from there ?

No we do not share any information on Facebook or any third party services without your approval.

How do I increase my chances of getting a relevant business connect ?

To make the most of your Business connect try and describe your Business & details and choose the vertical which describes you best.

How can I share the app with people ?

Click on the top menu and select the option of share this app to share via various social media and networking platforms.

How can I block someone ?

You can block someone by swiping their connection request to left.