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About Us

Just Businesses is an imminent business marketing portal which caters to the global business community by connecting complementing businesses around the world with the sole purpose of growth and profit. This B2B portal is manifested as a mobile application, which not only gives its users the leverage of the potential and simplicity of mobile applications, but also testifies to be a panacea for spam traffic.

We place our faith in the simple ideology that the constraints of business transactions must be eliminated, and each member of the business community- an established business organization, a start-up or an individual service provider, should be able to efficiently market their products and services to a relevant group of members, distinguished by individual preferences and requirements.

Philosophy of Just Businesses is that there is always someone looking for your connect and our job by this portal is to connect you to that person. The brainchild of Mr Kumar Savar Malhotra, the company aims to making doing Business easier at click of a button.

Being the first of its kind, Just Businesses has at its core the philosophy that the comprehensive development of the sphere of business is paramount, and every business owner or an individual service provider, must enjoy the facility to personally interact with another member only when they allow access. So you can strategically choose the business categories you can GET business from or GIVE business to, and establish contact with a service provider only if their requirements suit yours.

We provide you the technology that changes the way you do business and promotes smart business communication globally. So become a part of this B2B networking portal and skillfully drive your business endeavor in the most profitable and tactful direction. Join hands with other intellectuals and pave the way for smart business using Just Businesses.

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Just Businesses App: How it Works

just businesses
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